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23rd January 2008


Is anyone else on XMPP/Jabber/GTalk/LJ chat? Drop me a messasge @ .

22nd January 2008

If I am reading Garth's blog correctly, the Liberals saw their shadows yesterday, so it's six more months of horseshit. Horseshit such as:

The diplomatic communiqués — marked "secret" — disclose that Canadian officials were aware that the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) engaged in forms of torture of prisoners after they were transferred into NDS custody, the rights group said.

When the issue was lasted pressed in Parliament, the Cons pooh-poohed and misdirected. We don't have "proof" of torture, wheedled Day. We don't need proof. What we have is a system that allows for torture. What we unequivocally need is one that does not. Whether or not it is occurring is immaterial, except for the additional shame and dishonour it brings us.

The Conservatives are "soft" (to say the least!!) on capital punishment, on extraordinary rendition and torture, and ironically, on conservatism. The PCs once had a reputation as a staid and CONSERVATIVE (if corrupt and pro corporate interest) choice. Our present CPs have adopted the shrill, disingenuous moralizing, the cynical media manipulation and the paranoiac obfuscation of their Republican brethren. Not only have they abandoned Canadian values, they've abandoned their own values.

I'm moving to fucking Whitehorse. I'd just move to the bush in Quebec, but really, if push came to shove, we'd drag them down with the rest of us.

12th January 2008


It's 5:30 PM and I am drinking the best coffee I ever made. Quad cappuccino, roasted yesterday, ground just now. Fair trade, but I can't really taste it. Ahhh, I remember that smell. Wa-hoy, I remember that feeling. I love you, coffee. You are the perfect coffee, coffee. I wish I could drink you forever, but you're already half gone.

8th January 2008


how are you?

i am fine



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